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Meg's World

When Meg Harris fled the urban frenzy of Toronto and her failed marriage, she moved to the one spot she could be assured of her citified ex never visiting, Three Deer Point, the remote wilderness property she'd inherited from her Great-Aunt Agatha. About a two hour drive from Ottawa, the 1500 acre property is located in West Quebec, one hundred and fifty kilometres from nowhere with her closest neighbour the Migiskan Anishinabeg First Nations Reserve. She fell in love with this northern paradise and its enduring people and spends many an hour roaming the surrounding forests or paddling its waterways. Here she finds the peace she so desperately sought, that is, until the gods conspire to shatter it.

But as much as Meg wishes to retreat into the serenity of her Quebec wilds, occasionally she is enticed to leave it for other far-flung Canadian wildernesses.

In Arctic Blue Death, she heads up to Canada's far north to Baffin Island in search of her long missing father. There she encounters a world vastly different from her own, where the sun barely sets, the fleeting green of summer is only inches high and the view is a treeless panorama of undulating tundra covered rock and ice riddled seas.

In Silver Totem of Shame, she flies to the west coast of Canada, to Haida Gwaii, the mystical islands of the Haida that lie at the edge of the world. Here she races over the cold Pacific waters in search of a killer, past mountainous island shores that tumble into the sea, past the last of the ancient totem poles that mark where the Haida once lived.

The Northwest Territories is Meg's destination in Purple Palette for Murder. Desperate to prove her husband innocent of murder, she roves the streets of Yellowknife on the shores of Great Slave Lake, flies to a remote Dene community and heads out onto the land along an ancestral trail.

Enjoy these glimpses into Meg's world.

Explore Meg's West Quebec paradise


Step onto the shores of Baffin Island as Meg did in Arctic Blue Death


Wend your way amongst the islands of Haida Gwaii like Meg in Silver Totem of Shame


Explore the streets of Yellowknife and the endless wilderness of the Northwest Territories as Meg did in Purple Palette for Murder